Rely on AIP Help You Change the World – And Your Life

AIP represents commercial and nonprofit clients alike with the utmost professionalism and ethics. We are a direct marketing force that ignites passion for ethical organizations so they can grow and meet their business goals.

The enthusiasm within our business is palpable, which is why our current – and future – brand ambassadors love working with us. We’ve fostered an atmosphere of support in which everyone is focused on inspiring others to reach their potential. This excitement fuels our direct marketing events and growth. Our infectious attitudes get people excited and make it possible for anyone to channel their talents and make professional progress. The future is brighter because of what we do.

In a world where the average person spends more time looking at a screen then a face, we understand that personal connection is needed now more than ever. That’s what customers want – which is why our face to face method makes our expansion potential huge! Big companies realize they can’t just be online; they need interactions with their markets, too. That’s how we further our partners’ missions. AIP solutions are always flexible and innovative. Our outsourced marketing savvy drive audiences to take action, and as a result, our leaders can do even more to change the world.

The AIP Mission,
Powered by Passion

Passion comes in many forms, but its essential to doing better for ourselves and our world. We believe that if we’re not excited about Mondays, we haven’t found the right passion! You guessed it – everyone here loves Mondays!

What’s more, AIP doesn’t care what your parents do, what car you drive, or where you grew up. If your passion is changing the world, working with a team that feels like family, or changing your life through ongoing skills development – THEN WE’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT WORKING WITH YOU!

The Principles That Motivate Us


At AIP, we don’t just talk. We act. With talent and determination, we achieve measurable change for mission-driven companies and nonprofits.


We know there is power in numbers, so we join forces to foster personal connections with like-minded people. The louder our voices, the bigger our impact in other peoples’ lives.


We’re proud to help those in need. Knowing individual efforts don’t make waves the way a thriving movement can, we’ve come together to affect the greater good in positive ways.


Diversity makes for rich and lasting change. Our promotional specialists bring unique expertise to the group. From psychology to science, multiple perspectives are reflected in our campaigns.

Services for the greater good

We bring together many elements to fulfill our vision.

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