The AIP Culture

Learn About AIP’s Socially Driven Clients

AIP doesn’t simply promote social-change companies and nonprofits. We extend their influence beyond the computer screen, giving them on-the-ground presence. We voice their messages and foster personal connections with likeminded people. The relationships we build inspire action throughout entire communities. We’re honored to assist thought leaders as they affect lasting change all over the world. Building visibility for them leads to the promise of a brighter future.

Get Inspired by the Missions We Support

At AIP, we’re committed to helping social ventures and charitable groups fight for social good. Get familiar with some of them here.

Wildlife and Conservation

Our firm stands behind some of the biggest conservation organizations in the world. These nonprofits use their expertise and global reach to foster environmental sustainability at every level of society in over 100 countries. We believe the serious challenges faced by our planet need big ideas and powerful tools to be conquered. That’s why we’re excited that our work helps these organizations make a bigger impact.

Children in Need

Our firm provides leadership within the community by promoting causes that support the needs of children. Our representatives back some of the world’s largest charitable organizations by sharing their messages with the public. We form connections with everyday citizens – connections that last because of our shared desire to see the world become a safer, healthier place for little people.

Healthy Living

Our firm has been selected to act as a key promotional partner by some of the country’s leading health and wellness companies. By taking wellness brands into local regions, we make it easy for consumers to access products and services that fit their active, eco-friendly lifestyles.

We give on-the-ground presence to nonprofits and social change companies.

Learn about their missions.