Why should you start
a career
with AIP?

A career should never just be a career. At AIP, we believe that a career should drive you to want to do your best and be your best each day. We surround our brand ambassadors with support, so they can truly focus on their talents and progress in their professional and personal lives.

Begin a career in the Sales and Marketing industry.

Acquire the skills to enhance your development and personally grow.

Challenge yourself to do something exciting and new!

What does AIP do as a business?

Face to Face Interaction

Our dedicated Sales team is committed to acquiring great quality customers on behalf of a varied client base all over the United States.

Customer Acquisition & Marketing

Businesses & Non-Profits spend a lot of money on marketing and then sales. Through event-based marketing we can do both at the same time!

Customer Service

We have 7 seconds to make a great first impression. Our team does that in 2! We treat every brand we work with like it’s our own. Our personal approach ensures that every question is answered. We bring value to each brand through the power of communication.

Who have we worked with?

Non-Profit Organizations

Why are we recruiting?

Client Demand

The brands we represent need customers more than ever. We have an excellent team with the ability to deliver those customers.

Face to Face specialists

We run bespoke campaigns which allow us to speak to customers that a media-based campaign would not reach.

Business Development

Our Clients have needed to pivot their approach whilst focusing on building their customer base. We provide an effective strategy to do so.

Event Marketing

We are able to target the market especially well by hosting events at local and national retail locations.

Customer Service

The Clients we represent need long term committed customers. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure this is achieved.

Personal Development

Developing new skills is a huge part
of our agenda. Skill sharing and networking with industry experts is the only way to acquire those skills.

Attributes AIP Looks For

Work Ethic


Enthusiasm to Learn


Self Motivation

Why You Should Join AIP

Anyone who embodies the attributes we are looking for will find AIP the right career home. If you’re still not convinced, check out why you should become our next brand ambassador:

Growth Is Guaranteed

Your background doesn’t matter – there will always be space for growth at AIP. You will learn leadership skills, best practices for implementing face to face solutions, how to effectively represent prominent organizations and much more! Advancement is endless.

High Earning Potential

Unlock your earning potential with our sales and marketing opportunities! At AIP, we believe in rewarding hard work and dedication. With uncapped commission structures, your earning potential knows no bounds. Seize the opportunity to surpass your goals and achieve financial success like never before. Join our team today Join our team today and embark on a journey where your efforts are truly valued and generously rewarded!

Change Can Be Good

2020 shook up many people’s lives and brought about many unforeseen adjustments. It also brought forth talents people started honing in on and garnering success from. Change can make you anxious to maneuver, but we challenge you to take a chance on a new and exciting journey with AIP. With the skills of our leading brand ambassadors and your raw abilities, you will quickly reap the benefits of development as an individual and as part of AIP.

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